Belladonna Growhouse | Welcome to Belladonna
High Quality, Socially Conscious Cannabis for Washington Licensed Stores
Marijuana, Cannabis, Washington, legal, recreational
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Premium Craft Cannabis

Premium Product

A good experience starts with a high quality, consistent product. To quote RBL Posse, “Don’t give me no Bammer Weed!”

Honest Cannabis

It is up to us to move our industry forward in an honest and sustainable way.

Giving Back

Through our taxes, money, time, and energy, we strive to leave the communities we’re involved with better then when we found them.

Available Now In Limited Supply.

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  • High Quality Cannabis Bud

We believe that it all starts with a high quality product. We strive to perfect our craft and bring you the best bud the NorthWest has to offer!

  • Completely Legal For Recreational Use

Any person over 21 years of age will be able to purchase Belladonna products in Washington recreational cannabis stores starting fall 2015!

  • Lots of Strains to Choose From

Check back regularly for our current strains and where to find them.

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